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AX 2009 Technical Journal: AX 2009 Rollup 6 and KB 2278963 (SharePoint 2010)

Finally I'm doing a complete install of Dynamics AX 2009 on a new plattform for a customer! While performing the installation of the core solution, my verified plan (verified by Microsoft) was to install in this sequence:
  1. AX 2009 RTM patched with binaries from the KB
  2. AX 2009 SP1
  3. AX 2009 SP1 RU6
  4. Initialize
  5. Apply application fix for the KB
Everything went according to plan until step 5. This step failed with the following message:
This update is not applicable to your installation of Microsoft Dynamics AX because wrong version of application files is installed. This update is applicable to version 5.0.1000.52-5.0.1500.3560 of application files.

Setup could not complete the installation.
After checking my sources and discussing with Microsoft without any progress, I decided to install a second application in this sequence:
  1. AX 2009 RTM
  2. AX 2009 SP1
  3. Initialize
  4. KB 2278963
  5. AX 2009 SP1 RU6
This time everything went according to plan and based on my experience, one of the following are true for this issue:
  • KB2278963 application hotfix is forgotten with regards to RU6
  • KB2278963 is included but not documented as part of RU6 (or RU5)
  • Wrong version is used when the axupdate process verifies the application version (max is 5.0.1500.3760 - RU6 gives 3761)
The worst thing is that I had to spend extra time and effort doing a new install and 2 compilations in addition to installing a separate AOS and a Client to work on the same versionlevel.

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ax2009, enterprise portal, installation, sharepoint


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