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emeadaxsupport: Dynamics AX Reporting Services Reports does not refresh after refreshing Role Center page

Lately we run into strange problem. After changing data we would like to refresh Role Center page to see it in Dynamics Ax Reporting services report. Even those data were changed and we trie to refresh page (F5 or CTRL + F5) data in report is not refreshing. We were trying all possibilities like: refreshing AOD, Data and so on, but it did not help. What is interesting for reports which had Reporting services toolbar visible there were no problem, after we refreshed site, data were also refreshed in report.
We looked further into this problem and it happened this is a known behavior in SSRS. If the toolbar is set to false, then the report is rendered from cache from the last session and the parameters are not applied.

With help of  we found workaround.
The workaround is to on the SharePoint page put a PageViewer WebPart ( or a user control with IFRAME in it) and set the url to http:///ReportServer?%2fDynamics%2fC...arSession=true where 2fDynamics%2fCustDynamicsReport.ReportCust2.AutoDEsig1 is the report name and design which you what use.

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