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Microsoft Dynamics AX Overview

Запись от microsoft dynamics 365 field service module размещена 31.08.2019 в 07:21

Designed for midsize and large corporations, [URL=""]Microsoft Dynamics AX [/URL](formerly Axapta) could be a multilingual and multicurrency enterprise resource designing (ERP) package suite with core strengths in producing and e-business that conjointly provides powerful practicality for the service and wholesale industries. With complete end-to-end measurability and suppleness, Microsoft Dynamics AX allows transnational corporations to require management of operations and promote growth.

Microsoft Dynamics AX seamlessly merges with Microsoft workplace, Microsoft SQL Server, BizTalk Server, Microsoft SharePoint, and Windows to attach customers, vendors, and staff by group action all business activities. Raise productivity and guarantee relevant insight with the automation of important business operations. Full integration of applications inside Microsoft Dynamics AX for monetary management, client relationship management, offer chain management, human resource management, project management, and analytics facilitate to foster collaboration, increase performance, and lower prices.


Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system are often tailored to support the particular desires of producing businesses whereas delivering a coffee total price of possession (TCO). It supports build-to-order, engineer-to-order, and build-to-forecast supply-chain models across each distinct and batch-process producing modes and is especially suited to mixed-mode producing environments.


Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP resolution will facilitate drive world business opportunities because it supports high dealings rates and thousands of users across multiple sites. With integral languages, currencies, and legal necessities for quite thirty countries, Microsoft Dynamics AX simplifies international business processes.

Financial Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP package delivers a variety of economic capabilities to assist consolidate accounts with subsidiaries or distribution centers worldwide. staff will access accounting, reporting, and elaborate analysis per made-to-order security credentials.


Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP resolution are often totally made-to-order to assist in collaborating a lot of effectively with customers, partners, employees, and suppliers. inside the MorphX development surroundings, developers willstyle, edit, compile, and correct — all inside one screen. This all-in-one scalable resolution offers capabilities at a customizable rate per requirement .
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