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Sample Design Patterns: Complexity tool - Dynamics AX 2009

We wanted to include the complexity analysis in our CI (Continuous Integration) environment within the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. This is especially important for us, as we are very agile (more than 3 years of Scrum), and have top notch technical environment to support this in the .NET world (Microsoft Visual Studio with Team System).

We were missing software quality indicators which can help developers check their code in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 environment. Now together with the existing CI tools in DAX (Dynamics AX) technology has enabled better software quality which is very important in the lean approach, because your work quality is not only affecting end-user, but also the others who work on it during the process, which in software production can be many people.

I knew of great tool that was created for Dynamics AX 2004 that supports software metrics like: Cyclomatic Complexity, Lack of Cohesion of Methods, Number of Source Lines, Comment Percentage. I tried to add it to our environment, but found some issues. These were easily fixed using DAX's Code comparison tools. You can download the updated version here (110 kb). It also includes the short manual (2 steps) for user setup. Just unzip the archive, import the XPO (choosing to overwrite the existing elements).

If you have time, take a look at good grad paper from the original tool author can be found.

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