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dynamicsaxtraining: Item setup: Inventory dimension group

In this training lesson we will finish setup Bottle item. Today we will study Inventory dimension group, create and activate Bottle dimensions.

Inventory dimension group.

What else we should know about item? It is item and storage dimensions. Item dimensionscharacterize item size, color and configuration. Storage dimensioncharacterize item location, warehouse, serial number etc. Item and storage dimension are known as Inventory dimension. Inventory dimensions are used to define the physical characteristics of inventory items. Dimensions control how items are stored and drawn from inventory and enable inventory to be managed on a detailed level.

In Dynamics AX Item dimensions consist of Size, Color and Configuration dimensions. Storage dimensions consist of Site, Warehouse, Batch number, Location, Pallet Id and Serial number dimensions.

For Bottle item we will use Size and Color item dimension and Site and Warehouse storage dimensions.

Find or create new inventory dimension group. Go to Inventory management -> Setup -> Dimensions -> Dimensions group. If you use demo date then find appropriate dimension group (i.e. with active Size, Color, Site and Warehouse dimensions).

Or create yours:

  1. create new record (press ctrl + N)
  2. fill in dimension name (for example “CS-W”)
  3. save record (press ctrl + S)
  4. select Active checkbox for Size and Color item dimension, Site and Warehouse storage dimensions have already selected (by default)
Item and Storage dimensions areas

Inventory dimension form also contains a lot of fields. All fields will be explained later.

Now we assign Inventory dimension group with Bottle item.

Assign inventory dimension group with Bottle item

All item mandatory fields are filled in so we can save the record in Item form. The Bottle item has been created.

Setup inventory dimensions.

For Bottle item we select “CS-W” Dimension group with active Color and Size item dimensions. Let’s create value for these dimensions.

First create value for Size dimension:

  1. On the Item form click Setup -> Sizes. The Sizes form is opened.
  2. Create two records with size dimensions: 0.33 and 0.5.
Bottle size dimensions

Then create value for Color dimension:

  1. On the Item form click Setup -> Colors. The Colors form is opened.
  2. Create three colors: Blue, Red and Green.
Bottle color dimensions

Item may have different sizes and colors but company may be unable to purchase and/or sell item in every dimensions combinations. The available item dimensions combinations must be created in the Combinations of item dimensions form. We will work with Bottles in such dimension combinations: 0.33 Blue, Red, Green and 0.5 Blue and Red (0.5 Green Bottle doesn’t exist).

To create these dimension combinations do following:

  1. On the Item form click Setup -> Item dimension combination.
  2. On the Combinations of item dimensions form create new record (Ctrl + N). Select “0.33″ in the Size field and “Blue” in the Color field. Save the record (Ctrl + S).
  3. Click Create Combinations button. This button can help in creating the item dimension combinations for a new item. If we click this button then dimension combinations that are not exist will be shown.
  4. On the Combinations of item dimensions form click the Select All button, then click Ok. All possible dimension combinations will be created. Note: form has the same name as initial form.
  5. Since Bottle with size 0.5 doesn’t have Green color we delete this record from the initial form. (Select record and press Alt+F9).
Item dimension combinations

Create dimensions combination automatically.

It is very tedious process to activate dimension combination when new dimension value is created. If item must have dimension combination for all dimensions value then we can setup Axapta to activate new dimension combinations automatically.

To achieve this do following:

  1. Go to the Item form -> General tab -> Item dimension – Setup field group
  2. Select the Autocreate combination checkbox
Now create “Orange” color dimension (click Setup -> Colors). Ensure that new dimension combinations: 0.5 Orange and 0.33 Orange are created (click Setup -> Item dimension combinations).

Item dimension combinations

Note: automatically created combinations have selected the Auto-generated checkbox.

Create Can item.

No we will create Can item. The Can item have similar parameters to Bottle item. We will use Bottle template for this purpose.

To create Bottle template do following:

  1. Right click on the Item form on the Bottle record and select Record info. The Record information form will be shown.
  2. Click User template button. The Create template form will be shown. (This template will be available for current User only. Template approach can be used for all forms)
  3. Enter template name “Bottle” on the Create template form.
  4. Click Ok. And close the Record information form.
After this Axapta automatically show the Select a template for Item form when we create new item.

Select a template for Items form

To create Can item do following:

  1. On the Item form click Ctrl+N.
  2. Select the “Bottle” template on the Select a template for Items form and click Ok.
  3. Fill “11” in the Item number field and “Can” in the Item name field
  4. Ensure that all mandatory fields are filled in. Save the record.
One note: Item dimensions are not transferred from Bottle item. So we should create new Size and Color dimension and activate them in dimension combination form.

Create following Can Sizes and Colors: Standard, Double and Black, Blue and activate all combinations yourself.

Training Lesson Summary

In “Inventory model group” training lesson we understand purpose of Dimension group.

The Item setup training lesson has finished. Our Company has two items to work with: Bottle and Cans. Items have “Packaging” item group with specific general ledger accounts, “FIFO” inventory model group, and “CS-W” dimension group with active Color, Size, Site and Warehouse dimensions.

Bottle item has following dimension combinations: 0.33 Blue, 0.33 Green, 0.33 Red, 0.33 Orange, 0.5 Blue, 0.5 Red, 0.5 Orange.

Can item has following dimension combinations: Standard Black, Standard Blue, Double Black and Double Blue.

We have finished setup company item list. Now we will work with these items: purchase and sell. In the next training we understand what’s up when items are purchased.

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nicely explain with diagrams.. i like your work

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