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Recent work with a group of NAV pros had set my mind on writing a blog post on assigning a key group to a secondary key. Apparently, for most of them, key groups wasn't a known concept. However, some searching on the internet showed me enough straight forward posts, that clearly didn't need my duplication. FYC I have listed their links below in the references section take your advantage of it.

But before you jump (or not) to the links, please bear with me, even if keygroups do not have any surprises to you. You might be of help to me. Maybe even to yourself. You know, every time I am explaining the concept of keygroups, I more or less find myself selling something that isn't complete; unfinished. Knowing only a small change to the platform would make it complete; simple and easy.

So what am I getting at? The clumsy way of "How-to: Assign a Keygroup to a Key".

Lookup on KeyGroups property
Where most properties of objects, fields, controls, and keys, have lookup and dropdown functionality the KeyGroups property doesn't have either of them. No simple lookup to the Database Key Groups window to help a developer to select the right keygroup. So the developer has to type in the name of the keygroup. Hoping no typos occur as NAV does not validate the text entered. Therefor I have suggested MS to enable a lookup on the KeyGroups property to the available key groups. If you want to support me on this, go here and give your vote.

Drilldown on Key Group window
Now, while still busy, I also suggested a second enhancement to the platform: a drilldown from any key group, that lists all keys that have been assigned to it. Thus giving you an easy and efficient insight on what keys are involved when en-/disabling a certain key group. If you want to support me on this too, go here and give your vote.


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