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Старый 05.03.2008, 14:14   #1  
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Регистрация: 04.03.2008
Адрес: UK
Axapta consultant (Kiev, Ukraine)
Software test engineer/consultant – Axapta
Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Requirements to candidate:

- Higher education
- Axapta experience from 1 year
- Deep knowledge of Ax architecture
- Strong understanding of business processes
- Experience in testing solutions
- Axapta Certification is a plus
- Business and Accounting knowledge
- Experience consulting across a wide range of Axapta modules (mainly in Financial)
- Ability to derive business requirements from clients sessions and translate them into functional specification requirements
- Technical skills preferred: Visio, MS Project, SQL Server
- Knowledge of OLAP technology is a plus
- Fluent written and spoken English is required
- Readiness for business-trips to EU/USA


- Understand customers business needs and create functional specification requirements
- Create and review test cases for agreed functional specification requirements
- Test developed functionality in accordance with functional specification requirements
- Business-trips to customer site in EU/USA

We offer you:

- A competitive fixed salary depending on evaluation
- Medical insurance
- Comfortable conditions of work
- Flexible schedule
- Possibility of getting experience and knowledge in number of products and technologies
- Number of social activities, friendly co-workers

About us:

CIMBAX is an international Microsoft Certified Dynamics implementation partner specializing in Business Intelligence Solutions with offices in UK and Ukraine. We develop solutions with a high degree of expertise and pride to give our clients and partners a commercial advantage in today’s highly competitive global marketplace.

Please submit your English version application and CV via email:
Старый 28.03.2008, 13:11   #2  
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Регистрация: 04.03.2008
Адрес: UK

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