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Старый 14.12.2007, 02:11   #1  
Sveta1978 is offline
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referencing grid columns, finding selected records
i have a grid. in the grid i have lines of data. how do i reference the particular columns in the grid to perform some calculations? Also, how do i tell when and what records are selected? datasource is a TEMPORARY table. as soon as records load, the table is blank...

its the DAX 4.0

Inventory Management --> Periodic --> Sales Release Order Picking screen
sales lines grid

Thank you!

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Старый 14.12.2007, 14:45   #2  
Russland is offline
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what records are selected?
Look at these lines as an example:

for (InventTable = InventTable_ds.getFirst(1); InventTable.ItemId; InventTable = InventTable_ds.getNext()) 

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Старый 14.12.2007, 17:04   #3  
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PHP код:
    // Another example working with Form Data Source
InventTable     inventTable;
FormDataSource  fds;
Common          common;

fds inventTable.dataSource();

    if (
inventTable fds.getFirst(1);
        while (
// do something with cursor InventTable
inventTable fds.cursor();
// do something with cursor InventTable

// refresh datasource
common fds.cursor().data();
Старый 14.12.2007, 18:54   #4  
Sveta1978 is offline
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Регистрация: 12.07.2007
Одна проблема
DataSource of the grid from which data is being dragged is temporary.... it is not stored in the database...
Старый 15.12.2007, 15:19   #5  
Maxim Gorbunov is offline
Maxim Gorbunov
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Sveta, both of the above examples doesn't imply that the table is stored in database. Hence they are absolutely compliant with your requirements.

However could you please specify what kind of calculations you would like to perform? This might help us to give you a better answer.
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