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Старый 16.11.2017, 10:11   #1  
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ievgensaxblog: D365FOE. FormHasMethod extension for form extension methods.

Recently I have seen multiple people asking how to check if form has method added by extension at run-time.  For form methods we can use Global::formHasMethod but it does not work with form extensions. I advised people to use new metadata API to do this and finally community user Axaptus wrote the code!

I tweaked it a bit to ignore method’s name case as AX does and to exclude private methods. Also I used it to extend standard formHasMethod method

/// <summary>
/// The class <c>Global_Extension</c> contains extension methods for the <c>Global</c> class.
/// </summary>

public static final class Global_Extension
    static boolean formHasMethod(FormRun fr, IdentifierName methodName)
        boolean ret = next formHasMethod(fr, methodName);

        if (!ret)
            ret = Global::formExtensionHasMethod_IM(fr, methodName);

        return ret;

    private static boolean formExtensionHasMethod_IM(FormRun _formRun, IdentifierName _methodName)
        if (!_formRun || !_methodName)
            return false;

        boolean ret = false;

            System.Object[] extensions = Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.Xpp.ExtensionClassSupport::GetExtensionsOnType(_formRun.GetType(), true);

            if (extensions)
                System.Type    formRunExtensionType;
                System.Reflection.MethodInfo    methodInfo;
var bindingFlags = BindingFlags::Public | BindingFlags::Instance | BindingFlags::Static | BindingFlags::IgnoreCase;
for (int i = 0; i < extensions.Length; i++)
                    formRunExtensionType = extensions.GetValue(i);

                    methodInfo = formRunExtensionType.GetMethod(_methodName, bindingFlags);

                    if (methodInfo)
                        ret = true;
        catch (Exception::CLRError)

        return ret;
Extending standard method has its pros and cons. From one side it will slow down execution of standard code that calls it when method does not exist, but it’s a rare case. From another side it allows you to reuse standard code without changing it and it could be handy in various places where AX looks for a method on a form.

Source code is available on GitHub

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