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emeadaxsupport: Fields fetch behavior for "EntireTable" cache table

The CacheLookup property of the table defines how and
when records are cached. The below definition is valid for the “EntireTable” cache type:


Creates a set-based cache on the server. The entire table is cached as

soon as at least one record is selected from the table.

So, if the table “CacheLookup” property is set to “EntireTable” cache, the system
will always fetch all fields, irrespective of the field list provided in the code.

It’s therefore, the Developer (who writes the code) responsibility to make sure
to add all required fields to the field list in his code, regardless the table “CacheLookup” property.

This is in order to avoid any integrity issues, if the table “CacheLookup” property, later on,

is changed to something else by somebody else.

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