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ax.docentric: Comment on Configure SharePoint Online integration in D365FO OneBox by Justas

Thank you for this article. It is very useful.Couple things or problems: Connect-MsolService is not working with MFA I did this steps with Connect-AzAccount and New-AzADAppCredential As alternative I think you can just go to your Azure Application and upload Certificate there I did not generate Certificate manually, I used MS provided script "Generate Self-Signed Certificates" And then used "aadclient-onebox-locator1-dynamics-com" certificate Issue I still have: When testing sharepoint connection I got this info: "You are not authorized to connect to '<SomeName>'" EventViewer shows me this: ComponentName SharePointHelper Operation VerifyAuthentication httpStatusCode 401 responseHeaders {"x-ms-diagnostics":"3005004;reason=\"The token does not contain valid algorithm in header.\";category=\"invalid_client\"","sprequestguid":"<Some GIUD>","request-id":"<Some GUID>","date":"Fri, 19 Jan 2024 12:00:46 GMT"} Do application need to have some additional permissions to sharepoint?

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