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emeadaxsupport: Overview over Kernel crash hotfixes

This blog should help you to get an overview on which kernel/application hotfixes are available concerning crash issues. As all kernel are cumulative, meaning that they contain all previous made hotfixes. Application hotfixes might have many dependencies and therefore they can be more time consuming to implement.

The blog will be updated on regular basis.

Hotfixes can be downloaded on LCS

Week 18 2014

Latest AX 2012 R2

KB 2875788

Build: 6.2.1000.7517

Unable to add all needed users to a FBA implementation.

Latest AX 2012 RTM

KB 2962510

Build: 6.0.1108.6798

If you have duplicate Vendors in Vendor Top 10 List, the EP Vendors form shows error '...An item with the same key has already been added...'

Latest AX 2009

KB 2832514

Build: 5.0.1600.2745

:A generic error occurred in GDI+’ occurs when with Windows Start Menu opened and moving mouse back and forth between Start menu and AX menu rectangle (not fixes with DAXSE 432477)

AX 2012 R2 Binary29615026.2.1000.7387AX client crashing during Close in
Forms::FormPreloading::FormPool::ShutdownKernel Hotfix29603386.2.1000.7333Client crash's when trying to open the Sales order from
factbox “Related information”Binary29586486.2.1000.7265When processing large data packets, the sync service crashes
because it does not properly dispose of objectsApplication Hotfix29569686.2.1000.7198Add/Update budget cost elements - Selection of more that 450
Positions results in the AOS crashing... Selection of 5000 returns a SQL
error.Kernel Hotfix2953630Client crash while refresh the Sales listpage after manually
remove the field of the gridApplication Hotfix2957370AOS crashes when processing a purchase order in AIFKernel Hotfix29570616.2.1000.7176Customizations to the Windows locale causes the AX client to
crash when compiling C# projects in the AOTApplication Hotfix29553186.2.1000.7101Client Crash on double click in Locations when user does not
have access to "Legal entities form"Binary29550026.2.1000.7095Gantt chart printing causes client crashApplication Hotfix29367446.2.1000.6565Update on ReqTransPoMarkFirm crashing AOSKernel Hotfix29365646.2.1000.6548Random crashes in production environmentKernel Hotfix29357376.2.1000.6503Ax32Serv!SqlStmt::private_stmtSelectDirectives related to EP
is crashing AOS AX 2012 RTM Kernel Hotfix29536306.0.1108.6674Client crash while refresh the Sales listpage after manually
remove the field of the gridKernel Hotfix29543106.0.1108.6678AOS crashes when memory is exhausted after importing a
modelstore and usagedata isKernel Hotfix29264776.0.1108.6328AOS crashed frequently in a production box at
cqlCursor::updateDirtyApplication Hotfix29075206.0.1108.5942Interest Note Print Preview crashes and stack traceKernel Hotfix28964986.0.1108.5752Client crash when user uses the "personalize" option
to customize grid list views backport to 6.0Kernel Hotfix28780516.0.1108.5389Client crashes in WPF code when opening and closing sales
orders from the all sales orders formKernel Hotfix28737246.0.1108.5280Creating a view with DirAddressBookPartyAllView as table data
source crashes the clientKernel Hotfix2871312AX is crashing or opening other instance of AX if we try to
open cust billing Code form or dispaly menu item Cust billing code-- BAT
cases failingKernel Hotfix28714296.0.1108.5195AOS crashed with .NET Framework 4.5 for WCF service
QueryServiceApplication Hotfix28666096.0.1108.5079SalesLine.interCompanyLineAmount calls appl.setDefaultCompany
instead of changeCompany - causes client crash in some casesApplication Hotfix28648206.0.1108.5059AOS crash with stack overflow when executing class in batchKernel Hotfix28645946.0.1108.5037Client crash due to WPF message rendering thread AX 2009 Kernel Hotfix29496855.0.1600.2619AOS crashing when attempting to remove the oldest open
cursor Binary28878865.0.1600.2194Retail POS crashes when a special character is typed in the
'Customer CNPJ/CPF' field (BR)Kernel Hotfix28750685.0.1600.2007AOS crashing at Ax32Serv!cqlDatasourceSql::next in freeing a
NULL pointerKernel Hotfix28482845.0.1600.1767AX 2009 Client Crashes during development tasks.Binary27943015.0.1600.1218AOS crash while printing many reports as files to diskKernel Hotfix27626235.0.1600.755Printing to PDF makes the RU8 client crash when vendor name
contains Thai charactersApplication Hotfix27184615.0.1600.173AOS crashes on VendDueReportDetail_NA report after changes in
RU7 code.Kernel Hotfix27032935.0.1600.3AX2009 Regular AOS crashes in Ax32Serv!SqlStmt::next coming
from a client serverNext call RFHApplication Hotfix26961005.0.1500.6880FBI - Production and inventory movement - The exported process
crash and do not finished when a invent trans type enum is fixed asset

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