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Старый 24.07.2006, 07:31   #1  
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Table already exists

I have a pretty weird case.
I used to have a table. That table has not been used. So, I deleted it. Now, if I try to create new table with the same name it says that it already exists.

I checked SqlDictionary, UtilElements, and UtilIdElements tables for that table name and Id. It is not there.

I went to check SQL and it is not there either.
Does anybody know where else Axapta keeps a reference about that table?

I also ran Admin tool for tables – check/synchronize.

My request might seem silly. But, I actually need to reuse a tableId of my old table. That is how I discovered that issue.

I would appreciate any comments.
Старый 24.07.2006, 10:33   #2  
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May be you have Class, EDT or BaseEnum etc.. with the same name?
You can't have, for example, Class and Table with the same names, because when you declare variable with this name you can't specify whether this object should be a table or a class.
Старый 24.07.2006, 17:56   #3  
gb is offline
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Spasibo za pomoch.
I figured it out. It was an issue with cache. After I deleted my cache, I was able to create new table with the old table table Id.

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