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Старый 29.03.2006, 14:19   #1  
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Application Developer Documentation (by DubbleEagle)
Posted on 28-Mar-2006 at microsoft.public.axapta.programming by DubbleEagle

I would like to add my own Application Developer Documentation to Axapta. I
know how to do so for tables and classes (because the nodes already exist),
but is this also possible for forms/jobs/edt's ?? I tried opening the editor
with path like "AODDOC://Forms/Address", and the editor really opens this
path, but saving the item doesn't seem to work.

Any idea's ??

And why did Axapta restrict this documentation to only tables and classes ???
Application developer documentation is opened when you press F1 while in the X++ Source Code Editor window. The main purpose of this documentation is to give information about the methods of a class of currently highlighted variable. Since jobs and types do not have methods, they are not listed under this node. Forms have methods but they are all represented with the FormRun class when referred from X++ code. So you cannot tell, which form is represented by a variable unless you run your code (i.e. instantiate the object).

You can put user documentation for forms and data type under the Application documentation node. Also you can create Help topics, Hints or Global help items using the Help Book projects. But then you will have to take care about providing access to them from somewhere in Axapta.
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