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crminthefield: Power Apps portal: How a Customer Engineer can help

So why is our blog called Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement in the Field? As Microsoft Customer Engineers, we work directly with our customers every day on the front lines as deep technical experts and trusted advisors. We focus on proactive technical training, best practices guidance, and removing technical blockers. This comes in the form of:

With the increased accessibility for organizations, alignment with the Power Platform, and a streamlined provisioning process, there has been renewed interest in the portal and an uptick in portals deployments. To support this, our Customer Engineer team has a team of Power Apps portal experts that have been aligned to working with Enterprise-grade portal deployments since their inception. If you are considering implementing a portal, are mid-implementation, or are live, we can help!

How a Customer Engineer can help you with your portals deployment

  • I want to implement a Power Apps portal but my implementation team and/or administrators need training.
Portal 1 Day: Hands on technical workshop to teach you how to set up a new portal, configure its content, configure security, administer, and migrate.

  • I am considering a Power Apps portal but need a Proof of Concept to validate that this will work for my organization.
Portal Activate: 5-Day engagement that includes the Portal 1 Day followed by 4-days of working with a Customer Engineer on developing a custom proof-of-concept in your organization's tenant for your specific business process.

  • I am going live with a portal but need load testing.
Dynamics 365 Benchmark Assessment: A Customer Engineer will test how increased user load and/or additional functionality will affect performance and scalability and provide mitigation recommendations.

  • I want to discuss best practices as relates to Power Apps portal or development.
  • I am technically blocked by x and need to discuss an approach that aligns with best practices.
  • I have x specific use-case and need to understand if a Power Apps portal would make sense here.
  • I have other specific needs around removing or understanding a technical blockers or design/implementation considerations
Phone advisory assistance under your Premier/Unified plan.

Next steps

If you are interested in any of the above offerings, please contact your Customer Success Account Manager or Microsoft representative for details. If you are completely new to Power Apps portal, check out Part 1 of this blog series:
Skylar Shonblom

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