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Andrey’s NAV Blog: Cloud migration tool scheduling issue

Hello Team!

Some news if you use Cloud Migration Tool (aka Intelligent Edge) in Business Central. And not very good news.

Migration scheduled runs are not working now. Honestly they totally disappeared from functionality. I created support request to Microsoft and answer is "they'll back in release 2021 wave 2". Stunning. I understand that only few customers use this in production (on my mind) but now we have to run migration manually when we need data from on-premise in SaaS.

Let's check what happened. I could remind you how cloud migration setup is running:

After product selection (BC previous release in my case) we have connection setup:

Next step is company selection:

And after that we must get schedule setup (as it was always before), but now you get just this:

If you open Cloud migration management page - you could see "Next scheduled run" parameter, but it not works. Migration job will not start automatically, don't even try:

Let's check Microsoft Docs:

They're clear about Scheduling - we must have setup after company selection and also on Cloud Migration management page:

But management page also doesn't contain any setup for this:

Officially we must run migration manually until we get update 19.0 for our SaaS environment.

I had a thought about own job which could run migration process but all code is in separate app with "ShowMyCode" = false.

So if you use Cloud migration or planning to use - stay tuned for more updates.

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