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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog: CRM Documentation Strategy

Convergence begins this weekend and we would like to take this opportunity to help you find the information you need for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Amy Lanfear and Amy Langlois will be offering an interactive session called “Finding Help When & Where You Need It: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Documentation, Resources & Communities”. This session will be held Wednesday at Noon and Thursday at 3:30 PM. We would love to see you!

At Convergence, we’ll be handing out a reference guide to all the resources we provide. Here is a download: Dynamics CRM Help & Resources Data Sheet

Finding Help When You Need It: A Guide to Online Resources

Where can you find our content?

We know that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has many sites and that searching for and locating documentation and resources can be a challenge.

The goal of this datasheet is to help you navigate our websites and in-product help, and to understand when to use each resource.


Our websites are organized to support the customer lifecycle. Each phase is supported by a different set of sites.






Help & Support

CRM Pre-Sales


CRM IT Pro Center




CRM Developer Center



CRM Resource Center





Microsoft Learning


Online Communities





*Requires service plan enrollment (included with subscription to CRM Online)

Resources for Evaluation & Purchase

When you are evaluating Microsoft Dynamics CRM:
  • CRM Pre-Sales – The primary site for evaluating and purchasing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It provides information about the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, customer references, opportunities to view the product in action, and information about how to buy the product.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365 Trial Guide – This guide is intended for administrators and technical decision makers in your company who want to gain experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Office 365 to evaluate their benefits for your company.
Resources for Planning, Deployment & Administration

When you are ready to deploy, upgrade or administer Microsoft Dynamics CRM:
Resources for Using Dynamics CRM

When you are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM:
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Center – (Formerly the Resource Center) Here you’ll find videos, Help topics, new feature descriptions, and more info to help you maximize your efficiency and build your business.
  • In-product Help – Every page of the CRM application has a question mark in the upper right corner. Click it for context-specific topics or links to the full Resource Center.
Resources for Customization & Development

When you are ready to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM:
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Center – The place to go for information and sample code for customizers, developers and report writers. You’ll find the SDK download package, introductory and in-depth articles, overview and reference documentation, entity model diagrams, and much more. The SDK documentation can be found in the MSDN library:
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK Download Package – This download contains all the same documentation found in the MSDN library, as well as hundreds of code samples in both C# and Visual Basic .NET, tools for registering plug-ins, and a design guide to help you create solutions that match the look of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
CustomerSource* and Microsoft Learning - Training Resource Sites

Resources that both your partner and in-house development team can use.
*Requires service plan enrollment

How To Find Content
  • Use Bing® and other search engines to find publicly-available content. Be sure to include the words CRM Online or CRM 2011 in your search in order to find the most relevant information.
  • Note that CustomerSource and PartnerSource are not indexed by external search engines—you must be on the sites to search them.
How to Send Feedback to Microsoft

You can use the Microsoft Connect site to send feedback about Microsoft Dynamics products. You can also use the feedback link found at the bottom of documentation topics to send feedback about the information presented in the topic.

CRM on Social Media

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