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msdynamicsworld: From the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Blogs: Month end closing; Telemetry; Control add-ins; Stack alerts; Data upgrade problems

In this week's Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV blog roundup:
  • Managing month end tasks to close an accounting period
  • Handling telemetry with Azure Application Insights
  • Control add-ins for Business Central
  • Why some users get an "insufficient stack" alert
  • Data upgrade problems going from NAV to Business Central
Managing month end tasks to close an accounting period

Katrine Ng explained the tasks involved in closing an accounting period on the Evolution Business Systems blog. According to Ng, it's key for users to adjust the general ledger, post recurring journals, specify posting periods and apply the Adjust Exchange Rate batch job. A month end closing will usually come together smoothly when cash receipt journals, recurring journals, purchase orders and payment journals are correctly posted.

Additionally, users may need to make sure all customer receipt payments are posted, along with fixed assets and any inventory adjustments in the item journal. Lastly, users can reconcile the GST account, print and review the statement as well as run "Calculate and Post GST Settlement" batch job.

Handling telemetry with Azure Application Insights

Stefano Demiliani explored what's involved with handling telemetry for Business Central tenants. A typical approach involves accessing the Telemetry tab within the Admin portal and reviewing data by applying filters. However, Demiliani noted that since version 15 Business Central can send data to Azure Application Insights. Although still in-preview, users can set up an Application Insights instance via the Azure portal. Aligning the Business Central tenant and Application Insights involves an Instrumentation Key.

D365BC only sends telemetry related to SQL queries that run for over 1000 milliseconds, but more telemetry options will be available in the future. Demiliani viewed telemetry in Log Analytics, with the Kusto query language as an added querying tool. He added:
You can use Application Insights also for your on-premise installations. For the on-premise world, you can inject the Application Insights Instrumentation Key into your NST instance by using [a] Powershell cmdlet.

Control add-ins for Business Central

Dynamics NAV consultant and Microsoft MVP Vjekoslav Babić presented on control add-ins with AL during the recent NAVTechDays event. He shared code that allows going full screen with add-ins. He wrote:
This is not something you can only do with BC150 – as a matter of fact you can do it in every single version of the Business Central or Dynamics NAV web client (or tablet, or phone client for that matter). However, every single client and every single version has a different overall HTML structure, so this particular trick applies to BC150.

The principal is simple: Hide unneeded screen elements while expanding the width and height of the iframe element.

<h2>Problems with "insufficient stack"

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