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Solutions Monkey: Enterprise Portal on WSS 3.0 – Ax32.exe.config
When setting up Enterprise Portal on WSS 3.0 , the deployment wizard gives "ClrObject not initialized" error. How to resolve this to deploy EP successfully on WSS 3.0
Enterprise Portal 4.0 SP1 is supported on both WSS 2.0 and WSS 3.0. WSS 3.0 assemblies are different than WSS2.0. So the EP deployment wizard uses a config file to redirect to the right WSS assemblies in case of WSS 3.0. This file is named AX32.exe.config and should be kept at Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics.0\Client\Bin folder ( Where the AX32.exe is kept).

When you install AX Client on a WSS 3.0 machine for setting up EP, the setup automatically puts this folder. So you don’t need to do anything manually and the deployment wizard will just work fine.

But if you have already installed AX Client on a machine where there is no WSS 3.0 and later installed WSS 3.0 on that machine, then this file may be missing. In this case you can copy this file from the CD \Client\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics.0\Client\Bin to the Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics.0\Client\Bin folder on the machine Or create this file manually and copy the below xml to it. After this close and reopen the AxClient and start using the EP Deployment wizard.
?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>


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