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Старый 27.05.2013, 11:11   #1  
Anitha Roy is offline
Anitha Roy
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Grid Refreshing by same value in string field of all records if i'm modifying the one record of that string field...
Hello friends,

Hope you ppl are doing well.

i'm stuck with a problem plz help me out...

For Example:

I'm passing the values from Base form of cust Account(Unbound control) and their addresses into a grid to child form.But i have to able to edit the grid fields also after passiing the values..but when i'm modifying the a field of one record it is changing the value for all records in the grid...

Plz let me know if you solution for this...
Старый 27.05.2013, 14:32   #2  
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Show screenshot with property window of modified control
Старый 27.05.2013, 15:29   #3  
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What is the number of version you work with? DAX2012 have a lot of differences from DAX2009 in AR forms
С уважением,

Последний раз редактировалось pitersky; 27.05.2013 в 15:31.
Старый 27.05.2013, 16:02   #4  
Anitha Roy is offline
Anitha Roy
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Регистрация: 06.01.2013
I'm in AX 2012 R2

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