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Старый 02.12.2014, 16:23   #1  
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how to bypass Record LevelSecurity in ax2012
the situation is as follows:
Record Level Security is configured on HCMWorkker, HCMEmployment tables so that some low level accountant could not access manager's, CEO or any high rank emploee's information. This works fine in forms and lookups.
But the problem occurs when the report must be printed and signer's info: name, personnel number and worktitle must be added at the bottom of the document.
As a signer appear one or several persons like CEO, organizational unit manager, director or somebody similar, whose info accsess is restricted by RLS for the person who launches the report.
How to overcome the RLS so that name, title for signer would be printed.
Any advice?..
Старый 07.12.2014, 02:59   #2  
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have you tried something like

AxAssist 2012 - Productivity Tool for Dynamics AX 2012/2009/4.0/3.0
ax2012, rsl


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