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d365technext: SSRS Report with custom fonts in D365FO

SSRS Report with custom fonts in D365FO

In this blog I will show you how to use custom fonts in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations reports, Means fonts those are not part of your D365FO environment.

We can add the Custom font in AOS resources.. D365FO server load the font after your package deployment and treat those fonts as systems installed font.

Following are the simple step to use custom font in SSRS report in D365FO...

Step-1 Download any font you want to use in the SSRS report. in this tutorial for demo i am using below Fonts.
  1. Romantisk Demo Regular
  2. Madpakke Demo Regular

Step-2 Create custom report like below

Step-3 Now Add the resource file and add your downloaded font on resource. each font required a separate resource file.

Here i am adding two resource file and assigning my font to them One by one.

Romantisk Demo Regular

Madpakke Demo Regular

Resource file look like below image.

Step-4 Now install the font on development server. so it will available for you in Visual studio for your development.

Step-5 Now add design in report and add write any text then assign your custom font to your text.

Step-6 Now perform build and deploy the report..
Step-7 Execute the report it will look like this.

Step-8 Now create the deploy-able package and deploy on your D365FO Azure server :)

Please feel free to contact me if you are facing any issue during implementation of this blog

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