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thwidmer: Electronic reporting by example: Create a new Bank file definition

Electronic Reporting seems to be an integral part of the future of Dynamics 365, that can be used for importing and exporting data of all kinds above and beyond the capabilities of the static data entities, so it is worth finding out how this works.

Online ressources

As a starting point there is standard microsoft documentation and this great blog with detaillied instructions:

High level overview for creation of new Bank file

  1. Pick a preexisting bank format to extend
  2. Define new export format with existing fields
  3. Add calculated fields in format
  4. Calculate total fields
  5. Add validations
BACS: Preexisting bank format to Extend

There is already a BACS format provided by Microsoft, however this does not conform to the current specification 18.

BACS: Define new export format – Constants

Define new file:

  • Define End of Line character
  • Define Constants
BACS: Define new export format – Data fields

Define new file:

  • Define data fields –> map to data source
BACS: Add transformations

If the format to be printed does not match the data source transformations are required. Examples:

  • Amounts as cents i.e. decimal number format without decimal separator: 123.45 transforms to 12345
  • Date as Year combined with day in year: YYddd
BACS: Add new calculated fields

Define new calculated fields:

  • isCredit
…click Edit formula

Note: if fields require new data sources, then the data mapping must be extended.

BACS: Calculate total fields

Define new totals:

  • Count of credit line / count of debit lines
  • Sum of credit amount / sum of debit amount
…click Edit group by

BACS: Add validations

Validation help to give proper error messages that tell the user what is wrong.

Note: the condition must be true so the error does not occur.

Other option: make fields mandatory, but the error message is not understandable.

BACS: Final Step – Activate (Complete)


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