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emeadaxsupport: Why Purchase order invoice did not post any transaction on the balance account for Accounts payable

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 we recently came across a case where the Purchase order invoice posted correctly on the Profit & Loss account, but it did not post any transaction on the balance account for Accounts payable.


The Voucher transaction on the Purchase order invoice did not contain a line for Posting type ‘Vendor balance’:

But you could see such line in the Subledger journal only:

The expected result was that the Voucher transaction should also contain a line for Posting type ‘Vendor balance’ like in this picture:

There were no such issues on posting Vendor invoice journals.

The cause was that the General ledger parameter for ‘Batch transfer rules’ was set to ‘Scheduled batch’. When you create a new Company (Ledger), the default value for this parameter is ‘Scheduled batch’. This will give you a different behavior compared to previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

This parameter is set in General ledger > Setup > General ledger parameters > Batch transfer rules > Transfer mode.

There are 3 Transfer modes for this parameter:

- ‘Synchronous’ is the traditional posting way like it was in previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX. All transactions are posted at the same time.

- ‘Scheduled batch’ will do the posting in two steps to improve performance for the user on data entry. The rest of the transaction, which can be seen in the Subledger journal, will be posted to the general ledger later when you run General ledger > Periodic > 'Batch transfer for subledger journals'.

- ‘Asynchronous’ will put the Subledger journal transactions on hold and will transfer these transactions to the general ledger when there are free resources available on the server.

This feature can be used on the following Source document types:
• Free text invoice
• Purchase requisition
• Purchase order
• Product receipt
• Vendor invoice
• Travel requisition
• Expense report

By changing this parameter to ‘Synchronous’, all transactions were posted immediately on new Purchase order invoices that were posted.

But the existing Purchase order invoices were still missing the Voucher transaction for Posting type ‘Vendor balance’. This was solved by running General ledger > Periodic > 'Batch transfer for subledger journals' with ‘Source document type’= Vendor invoice.

More information can be found in What's new documentation for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for Finance chapter 7:

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