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crmtipoftheday: Tip #1433: How to list all Dataverse tables in style
Is there any way to export automatically or with a script a list of all the Dataverse tables in an organisation?

From our good friend Shan McArthur came a multilayer answer (narrated and illustrated by The Enabler):

One: We have a virtual entity called entities that will give you a list of all entities in the database.
  1. Open, ensure the correct environment.
  2. Expand Data, select Tables.
  3. Locate and select table Entity. If you can’t find it, make sure to switch the view from Default to All.
  4. Select Data tab, optionally change the view to All columns.
Two: You can also use our OData endpoint (/api/data/v9.2/entities).
  1. Sign in into
  2. Copypasta this URL:
  3. Optionally do sort – something you can’t do in the first method:
  4. If the solutionid is fd140aae-4df4-11dd-bd17-0019b9312238, this is the Active layer and represents an unmanaged customization:
Three: Otherwise, you can join to the solutions table and see what solutions each of these entities/tables are brought in from.
  1. I wish we could just $expand=solutionid in OData but solutionid is not a foreign key, i.e. not a navigation property. Joining in FetchXml works just fine though.
  2. You can use usual FetchXml manoeuvres like filtering and grouping to work out what table is in what solution.
Cover photo by Dimitra Peppa on Unsplash

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