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msdynamicsworld: Power BI Insights: Migrating from 3rd party BI; Keeping visuals; Tabular Editor; AppSource; Paginated reports

Microsoft Power BI pros share their latest thoughts on migrating from third-party BI tools, tracking down old visuals, working with Tabular Editor, AppSource and paginated reports.

Challenges when migrating to Power BI

Chris Webb detailed five common mistakes when migrating from a non-Microsoft BI system to Power BI. Because different BI systems render data in different formats, perhaps stacking it all together in a single table, users may need to reformat data to get it into Power BI. In particular if data isn't modeled in a star schema it may be much harder to work with in DAX. 

He wrote:
Even if you have a star schema, you also have to understand that how Power BI works with data may be different to the way your previous BI tool worked…Power BI wants to you invest time up-front to create a semantic layer and once you have done this you’ll find that building reports and calculations is much quicker and easier. If you’re wondering why you can’t just write a SQL query to get the data for that chart you need to build, you’ve made this mistake.

Webb encouraged fellow users to break free of "Excel Hell" or "Corporate BI" the two approaches to BI that he often sees organizations fall into.

<h2>Tracking down visuals after they've disappeared from AppSource

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