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msdynamicsworld: Microsoft Power BI Insights: Dataset refresh; Power BI Pixel; Complicated pages; Aggregations; KPIs; Pro users

Microsoft Power BI pros delved into dataset refresh, Power BI Pixel, pulling data from complicated pages, the case for aggregations and more.

Scheduling dataset refresh

Chris Webb was intrigued when Microsoft premiered the refresh dataset action for Power Automate in 2019. Power BI's own built-in scheduled refresh functionality is limited, with little flexible to set different schedules for weekends, weekdays and holidays and few controls on parallel refresh operations. To test out a better scheduling approach, Webb created a calendar in Outlook tracking Power Bi refreshes, setting appointments for every refresh. In the title of each, he logged the unique identifier for the dataset. He wrote:
This isn’t something I recommend putting into production but I think it’s very interesting as a proof-of-concept. I guess Logic Apps would be a more robust alternative than Power Automate and I would want to be 100% sure that events fired when I was expecting them to fire, so some thorough testing would be needed.

Webb noted that when a refresh operation is triggered, Power BI needs to line up the required resources and in Shared capacity, it can take a few minutes for things to get started.

<h2>Using Power BI Pixel

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