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powerobjects: Raising Dynamics 365 Awareness through Microsoft Stream

In this blog, we are going to discuss how we can raise Dynamics 365 awareness and deliver outstanding training to our users using Microsoft Stream.

Briefly, Stream is an Office 365 service equivalent of a YouTube channel where users can create or follow channels, upload videos, track number of views and more. For those new to Stream and want to learn more about it please go here.

Logically, in small or medium sized Dynamics 365 implementations, businesses are more relaxed in regards their training needs. However, what happens when you have a large implementation with users spread out in different geographies and time zones?

The aim of this blog is to provide useful tips for businesses with large-scale Dynamics 365 implementations who want to leverage Dynamics 365 awareness in their organizations and provide outstanding training material to support their users.

Tip 1

Launching a weekly series of short training videos allows the Dynamics 365 global team to track the number of views, likes, and comments. Users often find training material in video format much easier to consume compared to long, technical documentation.
  • Preferably, training videos should be up to 7 minutes making them easier for the users to absorb the information.
  • “Keep things simple” is the golden rule!
  • Focus on CRM features or business processes. If a business process cannot fit into a 7-minute video, it is advisable to break it up into separate parts.
  • Before recording a video, it’s good to prepare a text script with a list of features that will be covered as part of the video.
  • Gather user feedback and incorporate it in future videos.
Note: Although Dynamics 365 Feature related videos are available online, they are predominantly based on the Out-of-the-Box solution, which may end up confusing the user. Having a real life business example as a video topic makes it easier for the users to relate to their daily activities.

Below is an example of a training video, which took less than 20 minutes to prepare. There are a number of free recording tools available online allowing the super user who is responsible for the recording to add visual effects and make the video much more attractive.

Tip 2

Seamlessly integrate your Stream channel with the existing SharePoint site to ensure that users have more than one way to access the video channel. This is a simple two-step process and can be done by following the steps below:

Step 1

  • Create a new Page in your SharePoint site
  • Click on the plus button and select the Stream Channel highlighted in red

Step 2

  • Change the Source dropdown to Channel and simply paste the URL of the Stream Channel

Tip 3

Another good idea worth considering is to embed the training videos within the Learning Path in Dynamics 365. This will attract more attention to the Learning path by making it more useful for the user. To learn more about Learning Paths have a look on our previous blog and webinar.

Benefits of Using Video Training Material

Below are some benefits we have uncovered by utilizing the Office 365 Stream Channels for Dynamics 365 Training.
  • Video training material is received much better than function instruction documents. Users do not skip new videos and will stay up to date.
  • Reduce time/effort on long training Skype calls.
  • Users can consume videos at their convenience (as they are spread globally and it is hard to have everyone on a single call).
  • Increase in Dynamics 365 user adoption.
Properly setting up the Dynamics 365 Training strategy can bring wider benefits for an organization. Usually, those benefits can be seen by the Dynamics 365 Support team of the organization.
  • Users are raising less “simple” requests (request which generally have to do with how something works in Dynamics 365).
  • Support team has more time to focus on important user requests.
  • Analyzing the support requests usually provides ideas for future training videos
In need of some Dynamics 365 education and training? We can help! Check out our education resources here.

Dynamics 365’ing!

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