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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog: New documentation resources for Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update

SMS marketing is here!

The big news for this release is the introduction of mobile (SMS) marketing, which enables you to deliver instant text messages directly to marketing contacts on the move, regardless of whether they carry a smart phone or a traditional mobile phone. SMS marketing is new to Dynamics Marketing and might also be new to you, so it is important that you understand how it works and how to use it to deliver the greatest benefits for your organization. Our online documentation will help you get started:
  • Start by reading our SMS marketing overview, which will help you understand the terminology, technologies, and regulations that apply when doing SMS marketing.
  • Learn how to set up SMS keywords , which create an interactive SMS opt-in system that enables contacts to sign up for your newsletters and campaigns while ensuring compliance with local regulations.
  • When your contacts start signing up, you are ready to create and compose your SMS messages .
  • Integrate SMS messaging with your cross-media automated campaigns or send them directly to any marketing list that includes opted-in contacts.
  • Finally, inspect and analyze your SMS marketing results.
Design custom analytics and reports with expanded OData feeds and documentation

Though Dynamics Marketing provides a collection of pre-built reports and analytics features, many organizations choose to expand on these by creating customized, detailed, graphical reports based on OData feeds delivered live from Dynamics Marketing. Microsoft Power BI and Excel with Power Query are the tools that make this possible. With each release of Dynamics Marketing, we have expanded the collection of OData feeds available and now, to help you work more effectively with the available data, we have likewise expanded our OData feed documentation to include more technical details and all of the latest feeds.

Need help connecting to CRM? Check out our new connector troubleshooting and FAQ topic

In cooperation with Microsoft Support, we have collected solutions to the most commonly experienced problems and frequently asked questions related to integrating Dynamics Marketing with Dynamics CRM. They are now published in the new connector troubleshooting guide and FAQ .

Another good resource for information is the Dynamics Marketing Support Blog , which includes a five-part series on setting up the connector .

Note also that our standard connection installation and configuration documentation has moved from TechNet to the Dynamics Marketing customer center, where it is better integrated with our other user and administrator documentation. Be sure to update your bookmarks.

Inspect and copy HTML generated with the graphical email editor

When you create a marketing email using the drag-and-drop email editor, the system generates standard HTML to implement your design. The email maintenance page now provides a tab that lets you inspect the generated HTML and, if needed, copy it to be pasted and further developed using your favorite HTML editor. See the updated Create or view email marketing messages topic for details.

What else is new?

See the What’s new topic for a comprehensive overview of the major new features introduced in the Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update. The topic includes a brief summary of each feature together with links to documentation resources that provide full details about how to use it.

New to Dynamics Marketing? Get started quickly with these tutorials

Last summer we began issuing a series of step-by-step tutorials/walkthroughs designed to get new users started quickly with the most important features of Dynamics Marketing. Our fourth, and most recent, tutorial explores the many aspects of the Dynamics Marketing lead-scoring system. If you are new to Dynamics Marketing, then we recommend working through the entire series; each walkthrough builds on previous exercises and leverages the sample data that you create as you work. Here is the complete series:
Another good resource for new users is the Learn how to work and get around help topic, which introduces many of the common user-interface elements and working methods that you'll employ while working in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.

If you are primarily a Dynamics CRM user who uses Dynamics Marketing mostly to collaborate with your marketing professionals, then check out the Dynamics Marketing for Dynamics CRM users topic, which highlight collaboration features.

Video learning

For those who prefer videos to text-based resources, we provide a growing collection of videos on a wide range of Dynamics Marketing topics. Some videos are designed to give a broad overview of a particular feature area to sketch out possibilities, while others provide deep, step-by-step tutorials for accomplishing specific tasks. For a categorized list of videos, see our Videos & eBooks help topic.

Join the online community

To participate in an online community of Dynamics Managers users that also includes participation by consultants, expert users, Dynamics Marketing developers, program managers, and Microsoft Support, join the Dynamics Marketing Forum.

More documentation highlights and learning resources

Browse through the collection of technical articles and comprehensive online help. Each of our various customer center pages focuses on a particular audience and provides feature highlights and links to related documentation.

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