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domhk: Excel Add-in would not login

A user reports that when using the "Open in Excel" option, the D365 Finance Excel add-in would not sign in properly. She was using this feature often and everything was working. But now when she clicks "Sign in", it seems to runs for a little bit and then back to the below screen with the message "Not authenticated" at the bottom.

We tried different ways to tackle this issue but below is what eventually worked.
  • In the Excel add-in, click the gear button
  • Change the server URL to connect to another environment (e.g. a Tier 2 UAT environment)
  • Repeat #2 but change the server URL back to the Production environment
  • Just like magic, now the add-in connects without a hitch
Technology is just wonderful, isn't it?

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.


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