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Старый 12.04.2007, 16:10   #1  
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Dynamics AX: Trace Parser (beta) tool for Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 4.0
[Must Be able to access Partner Source]

Everyone knows that you can create trace logs on the client and the server for X++ Calls, SQL, etc. These trace logs are created, and can be very useful in looking into possible performance issues with custom code, SQL statements, and so forth. Of course to be able to look at this, and have the data make sense, you need a tool right?

Well recently on the 8th of this month the beta version of the Dynamics AX Trace Parser was released from the same team that is working on the performance load testing suite. You can find the link for the download here:

Linke to Trace Parser

Please keep in mind you need to have Partner Source access in order to download this. I have downloaded it, and it's a very handy tool, once you get it setup. Very visual on for the trace data, and can take and quickly help you analysis what is going on with an instance from either the client, or server, or both!

This is for sure an implementation consultants tool, and should be used in all implementations, along with Windows Performance Montior in order to benchmark and help identify issues.

Well that's all for now, check back soon!

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Старый 14.04.2007, 04:32   #2  
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А через customer source такую полезную штуку не получить никак? только для партнеров? жаль......

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