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Старый 16.03.2007, 12:40   #1  
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dynamicsusers: Navision and Unicode

There is a day when every Navision consultant whished Navision supported Unicode. During an implementation I tough if it is so difficult by Microsoft to implement Unicode in Navision?
The concept of dataports it’s a simple an easy way to integrate Navision with external applications. Now try to incorporate text files with a custom made Korean ERP, isn’t an easy task. How I wished for Unicode.
In a way to solve 5% the missing of Unicode in Navision, I created two tiny utilities.
Download can be made from
The first is a GUI application to convert text files between two code pages. This application it’s far from a master piece, but solved some issues to me. Most of the used of this utility can be replaced by Notepad.
The second utility is a COM object with the same purpose. It is normally executed before running a dataport. This object accepts 4 parameters:
- Code page of source file
- Source file
- Code page of destination file
- Destination file

None of these utilities solves the problem of having and displaying in same company chartsets from 2 different code pages. I hope that in a near future that problem it’s solved. Probably Unicode is implemented in 6.0


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