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axinthefield: Sure Step 2012 Has Released

The Microsoft Dynamics team has collaborated with our services and product team members and select partners to release the Sure Step 2012 implementation framework. The release is available on CustomerSource or PartnerSource (here's the CustomerSource link: You can download Sure Step or access it online at

Our Premier Field Engineering team has partnered with the Sure Step team on the last couple versions to help grow the Optimization Offerings section of Sure Step. Optimization Offerings are services that can help augment the implementation by bringing in expertise for a particular topic (such as performance, reporting, development, etc.) to deliver a short-duration service that provides great value to the implementation. In this version, the heading in Sure Step has changed to "Solution Optimization". We broke the offerings out by product this time so you have particular service information for each of the Microsoft Dynamics product - AX, GP, NAV, SL, CRM.

The Solution Optimization content was created through a collaboration between Microsoft Consulting Services, Support and the Product teams. Premier Field Engineer currently delivers many of the services on the list, including the following services:

  • Infrastructure Design Review (under the Architecture Review heading)
  • Storage Management (pre and post go-live)
  • Performance Benchmark
  • Health Check (pre and post-go live)
  • Performance Review and Tuning
  • Development Workshop
  • Admin Workshop
  • Post Go-Live Workshops (Performance, Finance, Supply Chain, Reporting)
  • Upgrade Review Serivces
Check out the latest version of Sure Step and let us know if you need any help with the Solution Optimization offerings.

Eric Newell

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