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alirazazaidi: Direct Product delivery in D365 Finance and Operations

Hi friends welcome to another post, In this post, I am going to share simple functionality of direct delivery to customer.

In some case, Customer want to purchase product from our organization. And We did not have stock. or we want to deliver things directly to Vendor from Customer. Instead to receive product first in warehouse and then ship to customer. We directly deliver products to customer.

For this we require some setup on Item level

-Default vendor.

-enable Direct delivery.

-Default warehouse.

We have to go Product Master Information > products > Release products

Add new product or modify product and update following.

Now go sales and marketing > All Sales order and create a new Sales order the same Item mentioned in above selection

After finalize the quantity on same sales order,

click on button direct delivery button.

select include, if you want to add charges, You need to add include line and add discount if you want add discount and rest of things you can find.

After that click on ok

Now you need to confirm and deliver the product to customer for this you have to go

Procurement and sourcing > Purchase Orders > Direct Delivery process > Direct delivery

Click on confirm

And click on Delivery and full product receipt

If we go to check the Inventory transaction You will find that

For this you have to go

Inventory Management > Inquiries and reports > Transaction

When forms open you can apply filter on item.


You can create directly product delivery from Sales order to Purchase order and direct delivery.

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