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msdynamicsworld: Improving low code with business process management

Organizations use a variety of software tools to run their operations properly. For larger enterprise systems like CRM and ERP, it is likely that the software was deployed after long and expensive projects that involved large project teams, lots of work by IT, and many hours of custom software development.

Expectations around enterprise business applications have evolved in recent years as the concept of low code development has emerged. Promising a faster and more direct alternative to traditional IT projects and broad enterprise systems, low code development is a visual approach to creating software that requires, you guessed it, little to no code but still results in useful tools for workers. What that really means is that business users can build their own solutions to meet many needs.

According to a recent report, Gartner, predicted that the low code market would grow by 23% and could make up 65% of the app development market space by 2024. With numbers like that, low code technologies like Microsoft Power Platform are likely to play a role in more enterprise software projects. 

As low code projects proliferate and take on more complex challenges, organizations need to ensure they do not lose control of their applications and processes. When processes cross a certain complexity threshold, the need for business process modelling and governance becomes critical to the deployment of new applications. 

Low code & ERP

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