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crmtipoftheday: Tip #1175: CDS and data object prefix

Recently we interviewed Evan Chaki, Principal Program Manager for PowerApp and D365 maker experience on CRM Audio. In the conversation, we discussed the dual maker experiences–configuring model-driven apps via or via D365 solutions and App Designer. To the question of which maker experience that D365 configurators should use, Evan said that there wasn’t a wrong answer, and that if you are used to the D365 configuration experience or use solutions, you should continue to design your model driven apps that way.

In a comment on the episode, Rob Dawson mentioned:
If you care about the prefix of the model-driven app you need to still create it from the classic solution though. How long before we get to create from within web.powerapps and pick the solution to add it to, not just it being added by to the CDS Default Solution by default?

You actually can change the prefix used by CDS/PowerApps when creating new database objects. In Dynamics 365, go to Settings>Customizations>Publishers and open the CDS Default Publisher record.

Update the prefix to the desired prefix. Now entities and fields added via CDS/PowerApps will have the desired prefix.

Regarding Rob’s point about model driven apps being added to a solution, it is a valid point, and we expect the maker experiences to become more unified in the future. For now, if you want to create your apps via and still use solutions, the recommendation is to create a new solution and add the app module to the solution in D365.

(Facebook and Twitter cover photo by Antonio Barroro on Unsplash)

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