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powerobjects: Digitizing Your Travel and Hospitality Business for Your Customers

In the age of digital transformation, most organizations know that in order to keep up with their customer demands and expectations, they need to embrace change, especially when it comes to technology. By putting the customer center stage in your business strategy, you’ll be able to successfully scale for long-term profit growth in 2018.

Organizations that are resistant to the wave of digital transformation available for their industry are often left behind. “Challenger brands, often unencumbered by legacy systems and processes, are gaining on their larger competitors by offering straightforward, personal, seamless, and quick service experience,” said Jo Causon, chief executive of the Institute of Customer Service.* This shouldn’t be bad news for organizations who have not yet made the transition.

There are a lot of considerations businesses take before they tackle digital transformation. For most of those organizations, the business objectives they set for themselves often look like the following:
  • Develop a customer-centric business that competes in the digital age
  • Understand how to leverage data to curate customer experiences and engage customers around key moments
  • How to create personalized interactions with your customer at every stage of the travel life cycle (effective and relevant messaging to the right person at the right place and right time)
  • Provide a contextual and personal experience for customers across all devices
  • Learn how to ensure compliance and deliver a truly personalized data-relationship with your customer that drives revenue
But once you know the goals, how do you get there? Join PowerObjects and One Connected Community for a webinar roundtable event on how to harness new technologies, data, and personalization to create a Digital Experience so good it inspires phenomenal customer loyalty. In this industry-led webinar, guest speakers from leading travel stakeholders will address how to master a truly personalized data-relationship with your customer that drives profitability. Featuring Dynamics 365 solution specialists from PowerObjects, thought leadership from One Connected Community, and special guests Peter Pinosa, Head of Guest Services, Rosewood Hotels and Dan Dickinson, Head of Information technology, SACO: The Serviced Apartment Company.

Don’t miss this event! Register for Digitizing your Business and Your Customer Experience to Drive Profitability and Brand Equity on our website to reserve your space. Can’t make the webinar? No problem! We’ll share a copy of the final recording with all who register.

Happy D365’ing!

*The Telegraph: The companies with the best customer service in the UK 20 January 2016

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