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Старый 26.11.2008, 17:15   #1  
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First, if you have not downloaded the just released Marketing Beta for Dynamics NAV 2009, this can be downloaded from here. Requires access to Partner Source.

In the Marketing Beta for Dynamics NAV 2009 you will find new walkthroughs for how to create Pages for the new RoleTailored client.

But one thing that you can not find in the “nav_adg.chm", are what icons you can use in the RoleTailored client, because this topic will be added later.

So to save you the time reverse engineering the Demo Database to create this list, if you are to create a new page, let me share these icons with you.

But first let me give you an example on a Action and an Activity Button. If you already are familiar with this, you can skip to the end of this blog, where all the icons are listed.

Example of an Action in Page Designer:

1. Open Object Designer

2. Navigate to the new Page object

3. Design page 22, Customer List

4. Navigate to the bottom of the page to access the Page Object itself

5. Right click and select “Actions”, you view should now look like this:

6. You are now looking at the Action Designer which is captured inside the Page Designer.

7. Scroll down to <Action58>, Bank Accounts and select properties on this action. Your view should now look like this:

8. The most important property here is the “RunObject”, which tells which object are activated, when this Bank Accounts action is clicked, but for this blog I’m concentrate on the “Image” property so I will not go into more detail for the “RunObject”. Notice that the Image property is undefined. So how will this action actually look in the RoleTailored client if no image is associated to this action? Let us promote this action and see.

9. Set “Promoted” to Yes

10. Set “PromotedIsBig” to Yes

11. Save and compile page 22.

12. Open RoleTailored client.

13. Navigate to the Customer List, if you have the Customer List open already, just refresh the list by clicking“Refresh” in the top right corner. You will now see your “Bank Accounts” action promoted with the default icon used. The default icon will be used when the Image property has not been set:

14. Now let set the “Image” property on the “Bank Accounts” action. Go back to the Action Design for Page 22 and select the properties for the “Bank Accounts” action.

15. Set the “Image” property to “BankAccountStatement”

16. Save and compile page 22.

17. Refresh Customer List in RoleTailored client and your icon for “Bank Accounts” action will now look this.

Now let us look at an example of an Activity Button in Page Designer:

1. Activity Buttons belongs to the RoleCenter so to create or modify an Activity Button we need to be designing a Page of PageType “Rolecenter”. So let us look at page 9006.

2. Design page 22

3. As for the Actions the Activity Buttons are also found in the Action Designer, so Navigate to the bottom of the page to access the Page Object itself.

4. Right click and select “Actions”, you view should now look like this:

5. Instead of modifying an existing Activity Button as we did for the Action above, let us create a new one.

6. Navigate to the ActionContainer ActivityButtons area of the Action Designer:

7. Role Center 9006 has one Activity Button called “Posted Documents”. Let us create a new Activity Button call “Bank” just above “Posted Documents”. Place your cursor on “ActionGroup” “Posted Documents” and press F3.

8. A new line is created. Set “Caption” to “Bank” and “Type” to “ActionGroup”

9. Open properties and set “Image” property to “Bank”.

10. Make sure that the 2 ActionGroups “Bank” and “Posted Documents” are at the same indention level. You might need to move “Bank” to the right to align with “Posted Documents”.

11. We could stop now and see the Activity Button in RoleTailored client, but let us add an action to this new Activity Button, so we actually have something happening when you click the Activity Button “Bank” in the RoleTailored client.

12. Create new line bellow, the “Bank” “ActionGroup”, and set “Caption” to “Bank Accounts” and “Type” to “Action”. Make sure that this action is indented one level in from the ActionGroup above.

13. Open properties for “Bank Accounts” and set “RunObject” to “P371” (Page Bank Account List)

14. Now restart RoleTailored client to see your new Activity button. Note: Refresh does not work in Activity Button area of the Role Center, so you will need to restart the RoleTailored client to see your “Bank” Activity Button. Hopefully this we be solved in a future build, so you don’t need to restart to see your changes made in Page Designer. :-). After the restart you RoleTailored client should now look like this:

So now you have seen how to set the “Image” property on an Action and an Activity Button, let us see the icons you can use.

Icons which can be used for Actions:








































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