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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog: What’s New in Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.1

At the start of February 2016, we will roll out Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.1. As usual, the update will be applied automatically, but your local administrator can control when your organization will be updated. This is an incremental update that delivers a few new features, plus scalability and performance enhancements. The online help will not be updated on the day of release but will be updated very soon.

This post provides an overview of new features and gives basic instructions for how to use them. When the online help is updated, you will be able to find a copy of the text provided here in the What's New help topic.

New Features

Option to treat upcoming (not ready to start) tasks as active or inactive

All tasks in Dynamics Marketing include a Status field, which makes it possible to track a task as it travels from creation to completion. One special status is Not Ready to Start. This status is normally used to mark a task that is part of a series of tasks to be completed in order (as part of a job), but which should wait for a previous task to complete before starting. When the previous task in a sequence is marked as completed (or canceled), then the next task is automatically changed from Not Ready to Start to Not Started, which means that task’s prerequisites are complete and the task is ready to start.

By default, Not Ready to Start tasks are considered inactive, which means they are hidden in the standard list view unless you choose to view inactive tasks. When the status gets changed to Not Started, the task is then considered active and is visible by default. This makes it easy to find your most important and relevant tasks.

You can now configure your site so that Not Ready to Start tasks are considered active (and visible by default in your task list). Your choice for this setting should be based on how your organization uses the tasks feature.

Administrators can set this option in the Task Options section of the Site Settings page. More information: Configure site settings, Manage tasks

Note: This new setting also affects new-task alerts, which can be sent to users when a task assigned to them becomes active (or is created in an active state). If you set Not Ready to Start tasks as active, users who have a new-task alert configured could receive alerts for tasks with start dates that are actually days, weeks, or even months into the future. More information: Work with alerts

Customized landing page category values

For landing page fields that display as drop-down lists (categories), you can now choose which of the available values you want to include for each drop-down list on the page. This lets you fine-tune each of your landing pages by removing drop-down values that are not appropriate for a given context. All values are included by default.

To use this feature:

1.Go to Marketing Execution > Lead Management > Landing Pages, and then create or edit a landing page.

2.On your landing page maintenance page, expand the Content > Form Details section to see the complete list of fields available for your landing page.

3.Note that all fields of type Category now show a Customize drop-down list values button [IMG]file:///C:/Users/anbichse/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image001.png[/IMG]. Click this button to open a pop-up window that shows a check box for each value available for your chosen category field.

4.All values are checked by default. Clear the check box for any value that you don’t want to include on your current landing page. Only the current landing page will be affected.

5.Click Submit to save your selection and close the pop-up window.

6.Click Save or Submit to save your landing page.

More information: Create and customize landing pages

Option to restrict permission to delete contacts

Administrators can now configure Dynamics Marketing to prevent most users from deleting contacts, even if they have Edit-Contact privileges. In previous versions, and still the default setting, all users who can edit contacts can also delete them (Edit Marketing privileges enable this for marketing contacts, while Edit Site Contacts privileges enable this for site, vendor, and client contacts). Administrators can now set an option that prevents all users (other than administrators) from deleting contacts. Administrators with Edit-Contact privileges can always delete contacts.

Regardless of this setting, Dynamics Marketing contacts are always soft deleted, never hard deleted. This means that deleted contacts are always kept in the database, but are marked as inactive and hidden by default.

Administrators can set this option in the Contact Options section of the Site Settings page. More information: Configure site settings

New OData feeds

Dynamics Marketing now publishes even more types of data as OData feeds for use in Power BI reports, custom applications, and other OData consumers. New OData feeds available in this version include the Status field for the company and components tables, and component-related fields for several related tables.

Japanese language improvements

The graphical email editor now offers three Japanese-only font choices on sites where the site language is set to Japanese. Administrators can set the site language in the Regional Options section of the Site Settings page. More information: Configure site settings, Design message content using the graphical editor

Note: The site language, as set on the Site Settings page, establishes the default for new users, but each user can also choose their own personal language (More information: Configure your preferences, Configure site settings) When the site language is Japanese, the extra fonts are available to all users, regardless of their personal language settings. These fonts will not be available to users whose personal language is Japanese unless the site language is also Japanese.

Updated Features

Improved query logic for custom contact fields

In previous versions of Dynamics Marketing, you could not create queries (dynamic marketing lists) to find records with an empty or null value in a custom contact field. For example, if you created a custom contact field called “blood type” and created a query to find contacts where “blood type equals null”, no results would be returned. In Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.1, querying contacts where “blood type equals null” now returns all contacts that have not yet registered a blood type. This means that queries based on custom contact fields now work the same way as they do for standard contact fields.

IMPORTANT: To make sure all existing queries continue to work as expected, the new query logic will only apply to queries created after you update to Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.1. Queries created in previous versions will continue to use the logic that doesn’t return results for null values.

Here are some related tips for working with queries:

·Custom contact fields will never be “empty”—they can only be “null”. This means you should not use the “is empty” operator to find fields without values.

·The “does not contain” operator does not return null values. If you query for contacts where “blood type does not contain ‘B’”, then you would find contacts with blood type A+, A-, O+, and O-, but you would not find contacts where the blood type is not registered. To include these, add an extra clause to create a query, such as “blood type does not contain ‘B’” or “blood type is null”. This logic is similar for the “does not equal” operator.

Documentation Updates

This section provides an overview of new and often-requested information that we will soon be adding to the online Help, though these details are not necessarily new for Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update 0.1.

Troubleshoot your connector setup

The following troubleshooting and FAQ items will be added to the Troubleshoot your connector setup help topic.

Service integration issuer certificate not found

If Dynamics Marketing is not synchronizing anything with your CRM (on-premises) installation, then check your system jobs in CRM. If you see a large number of pending/failed jobs showing the message “Service integration issuer certificate not found,” then you may have multiple certificates with the same subject value on your CRM (on-premises) server.

Check the certificate store on your CRM server to see if you have any other certificates with the same subject value as the one you are using to authenticate your CRM installation with Azure. If you do, then resolve the issue either by generating a new certificate with a unique subject value, or by removing the duplicate certificate if you are sure it is not being used for any other purpose. For more information about how to configure the solution to use a new certificate, see Configure synchronization for Dynamics CRM (on-premises).

Why do new contacts from Dynamics Marketing appear as inactive contacts in CRM?

This is by design and is intended to prevent unqualified (not sales-ready) contacts from cluttering views in CRM. The first time a lead record associated with a contact created in Dynamics Marketing achieves a sales-ready score, that lead will be synchronized to CRM and the associated contact will also be promoted to active status (and remain there, even if the lead is lost or abandoned).

Azure requirements

Both the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Connector and the SDK use Microsoft Azure to facilitate communication to and from Dynamics Marketing. Depending on your scenario, you may be able to use built-in managed queues (which are included with your Dynamics Marketing subscription), or you may need to purchase your own Azure subscription. Requirements are summarized in the following table.

Integration type

Azure subscription


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online


For this scenario, Dynamics Marketing supports both custom and managed queues. We recommend that you use the managed queues, which do not require an Azure subscription and allow the Azure service bus to be managed by Microsoft with minimal intervention by you. However, you could use your own Azure subscription, which will give you full administrative ownership and improve your ability to monitor the queues.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Government


As with CRM Online, Dynamics Marketing supports both custom and managed queues for integrating with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Government. However, Dynamics Marketing is not available in the government cloud and the connector only works with the standard Azure cloud, so the integration will be a hybrid government/non-government cloud solution.

Both managed and subscribed (non-government) Azure queues work correctly when connecting Dynamics Marketing to CRM Online Government. Azure Government queues can’t currently be used with Dynamics Marketing.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (on-premises)


To connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM (on-premises), you must provide a service bus from your own Microsoft Azure subscription. The Azure subscription that you use does not necessarily need to be in the same Microsoft Office 365 tenant as Dynamics Marketing.

SDK service


To use the SDK, you must provide a service bus from your own Microsoft Azure subscription. The Azure subscription that you use does not necessarily need to be in the same Microsoft Office 365 tenant as Dynamics Marketing.

Using OData as an API (unofficial mechanic)


It is possible, but not officially supported, to use OData feeds as an API. To do so, you must have an Azure subscription in the same Microsoft Office 365 tenant as Dynamics Marketing. This will let you register an application in Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD) that has permissions to communicate with Dynamics Marketing.

Dynamics Marketing browser and system requirements

Dynamics Marketing is a cloud-based service that requires no special software running on users’ computers, other than an up-to-date web browser. The system and browser requirements for Dynamics Marketing are the same as those for Office 365 plans for business, education, and government. However, your browser must also be configured as follows:

·Allow pop-ups from Dynamics Marketing
You must configure your browser to allow all pop-up windows from your Dynamics Marketing domain (see your browser’s documentation for instructions). Most modern web browsers block all pop-ups by default. Some browsers alert you when they block a pop-up window (for example by showing an icon in the address bar), but others do not. Some, but not all, of Dynamics Marketing print and file-upload features use a pop-up window of a type sometimes blocked by pop-up blockers.

·Allow JavaScript from Dynamics Marketing
JavaScript must be enabled for your browser, at least for your Dynamics Marketing domain. Most browsers enable JavaScript by default.

·Allow cookies from Dynamics Marketing
Cookies must be enabled for your browser, at least for your Dynamics Marketing domain. Most browsers enable cookies by default.


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing team

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