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vanvugt: Test Automation Examples - a GitHub repository

Over almost a decade I have been evangelizing test automation by blogging, presenting at various conferences and webinars, workshops, and, eventually last year, writing a book. People are picking up, but it's clear there is still "a war to be won". Testing, more specifically test automation, is too often considered a cost center instead of an essential part of our daily development practice. In my joined article with Global Mediator, called From a testing mindset to a Quality Assurance-based mindset, we shared with you a number of thoughts on this (and we owe you a number of follow-up posts on that). As research has shown, pushing defect finding up-stream will lower the cost of your product/project and thus the satisfaction of your customers. Given that the consequence is simple, rephrasing the above: testing is not a cost center, but an essential part of your daily development practice, just a app coding is.

Now let's see if ...

A next step in Luc's gospel on test automation

... can help some more to take the threshold. For this I have started a new GitHub repository which I baptized Test Automation Examples. Follow the link to have a look there.

The Test Automation Examples repository will become over time a collection of examples used in my test automation classes/workshops. Small apps that have been built together with its counter-part test code. Easy enough to understand the app, relevant enough to get useful examples of test code. Each example will have an efficient scope description that will be accompanied with a flowchart. Each app will be defined by a coherent and complete set of ATDD scenarios in ATDD.TestScriptor PowerShell format allowing them to be converted into code. I will do my best to provide both AL and CAL app and test code.

As part of my first Online Crash Course Test Automation I have uploaded the first example, called Blocking Deletion of Warehouse Shipment Lines, to the repository. Be welcome to make use of this example, and any next one, and even more: be invited to contribute by improvement suggestions or even proposing new examples. Let's challenge each other to the next level of development practice and get us all on test automation!

BTW: this week the 2nd Online Crash Course will start. There are still seats available.

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