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Старый 05.02.2011, 12:23   #1  
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Hi Everybody!

I was playing around with the new RTC over WAN feature in NAV 2009 R2.

Basically I was following the instructions on the MSDN website you can find on

The reason for this is that I want to know HOW it works, and also the performance will be. Of course this is only a hyper v server image running on a test environment you will not have a real performance.

But anyway, for me and I think for a lot of other people this is “good enough”  to evaluate when it could make sense working with it.

Regarding to this points I thought you could be interested in trying it by yourself without installing your own server.

Because of this I will give you my configuration data and credentials and so you are “only” need a RTC to try it by yourself.

But sorry guys – I need the the resources on this machine and that’s the reason why I will turn off this virtual server after 5 days.

1. Download the files

2. Install both certificates (these are test certificates built by HOW TO from MSDN)  (Right mouse click – install certificate – select store automatically)

3. Backup your existing UserSettings.config file.

4. Replace the existing one with the one from your downloaded files

5. Start the RTC

6. Login by using contosoadministrator – pass@word1

Language English and German is available.



PS would be great if you write comments on this post if you get experience with it.

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