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In one of our previous blog posts Rene Gayer shared his report Sales Dashboard. The report provides insight into company’s top customers and items, balance per country region, and item purchases/sales:

The report also shows the list of opportunities, and you can drill into to-dos for each of the opportunities:

In this blog post we offer several improvements for the Sales Dashboard report. The first thing is adding an extra column to the list of to-dos. Note, that there are two occurrences of each to-do in the list, they have different numbers, but the description is same (compare to-dos TD000005 and TD100005 on the screenshot above). It is not clear why until we make the column “Type of to-do” visible. The reason is that each to-do has several participants, for example Organizer and Contact Attendee. To make the column “Type of to-do” visible, you need to do the following:

1. In the Object Designer, select page 70002 Sales Dashboard To-do Part, and then click Design.

2. Add a new field to the page:

3. Click View >Properties, and then set the SourceExpr to Rec > Field Name > System To-do Type.

4. Click OK, and compile the page.

Furthermore the to-dos appear sorted by their number. We offer to sort them by starting date, which is helpful when you want to get a quick overview of the latest to-dos. That is how you can add sorting to the list:

1. In Object Designer, select table 5080 To-do, and then click Design.

2. Click View > Keys.

3. Add new key, which is a field Date (Starting Date):

4. Compile the table.

5. Select the page 70002 Sales Dashboard To-do Type, click Design.

6. Click in the first empty row, and then click View > Properties

7. In the SourceTableView field, click the Assist button.

8. Set the Key to Date, and the Order to Descending. Click OK.

9. Close the Properties window and compile the page.

The final result looks like this – the to-dos are sorted by date and To-do Type is visible:

You can download the objects needed for this report here, thanks to Anna Mihailava.

/Claus Lundstrøm

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