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! Вакансия: Navision Consultant, Kiev, Ukraine
Celenia Software is an international software company with its head office based in Denmark and representative offices in Ukraine.
Celenia Software specializes in offshore software development and delivers highly competitive and qualitative software solutions and products to the global software market. Working closely with Microsoft - our core partner - we have achieved the highest level of expertise in developing and maintaining software within Microsoft Business Solutions ERP-systems, particularly Navision and Axapta.

Over the years of our stable and successful existence, we have proven ourselves to be a leading and reliable software development company. Celenia Software has become a mark of quality and prestige in the modern software development market. We never stop growing and suggest that you join our team of professionals and contribute to our global acknowledgement.

We offer a challenging career opportunity and an excellent professional environment for your growth as a Consultant in Navision department.

We require:
· An experienced, enthusiastic and versatile individual to join 2 established teams providing a full range of commercial and technical services around the exceptional Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision business software for Retail business.

Key Responsibilities:
· To successfully facilitate the installation and maintenance of Navision software systems for our Customers world-wide, at onsite locations.
· You will be encouraged to develop your professional technical and consulting skills in an international perspective.

We expect you to have:
· At least 3 years of experience in implementing ERP / Financial Software solutions - preferably NAVISION.
· Strong Financial and consultancy experience
· Ideally, NAVISION implementation/development skills
· Efficient written and oral communication skills in English
· The desire and ability to be sent to locations around the world in order to facilitate installations

We guarantee:
· Competitive salary
· Opportunity to be a part of a team of highly skilled professionals
· Social package

You will be educated in following our in-house framework methodology, which identifies the processes that are followed to implement Navision applications.
Please send your detailed CV in English at stating the position Consultant. For further queries call Olga Kubareva at +380 (44) 494 09 40.

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