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msdynamicsworld: From the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV Blogs: Zombie containers; Docker; Report selection; Translations (http://axforum.info/story/microsoft-dynamics-365-business-central-and-nav-blogs-zombie-containers-docker-repor
Источник: https://msdynamicsworld.com/story/mi...-docker-report

In this week's Dynamics 365 Business Central-NAV blog roundup:
  • Zombie containers
  • Business Central on Docker for non-experts
  • Report selection on Business Central SaaS or cloud server side printing on-premises
  • Working with translations in Dynamics 365 Business Central
Zombie containers

On Freddy's Blog, Freddy Kristiansen stated that recently the latest version of Docker Desktop Community Edition ( (36874) released July 31, 2019) had been behaving rather strangely on his Windows 10 1903 machine.

At first, he thought it was a problem with his machine so he decided to get some other work done before he tried to figure out what was going on. But then, two partners contacted him to say they were experiencing the same behavior with Docker Desktop Community Edition

However, try as he might, Kristiansen couldn't figure out what was going on and he reached out to the community for help. After writing his post, Kristiansen provided an update from Mick Karr, who posted in the comments section about the issue.

You can read the post and the update about how to bring your zombie container back to live here.

<h2>Business Central on Docker for non-experts

Источник: https://msdynamicsworld.com/story/mi...-docker-report
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