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saurav-nav: MSDYN365BC 2019 Wave 2 - Upgrading an unmodified C/AL Database.
Источник: https://saurav-nav.blogspot.com/2019...upgrading.html

Hi Readers,

In this article, we will discuss Upgrading a database to Business Central Wave 2 from Business Central Spring 2019 Release (14.x).

This all is for a Business Central Spring Database that does not include any C/AL Code Customization. The database can only include Third Party and Custom Extensions.

With this upgrade, we will replace the C/AL base application with a new Business Central 2019 release Wave 2 base application extension.

Prerequisite - Upgrade to Business Central Spring 2019 Cumulative Update 4 (version 14.5). If your current deployment is less than Cumulative Update 4 (14.x) then Upgrade to CU 04.

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Источник: https://saurav-nav.blogspot.com/2019...upgrading.html
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