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d365technext: Bar Code in SSRS Report D365FO
Источник: http://d365technext.blogspot.com/201...rt-d365fo.html

Bar Code in SSRS Report D365FO

Following are the simple steps to generate Bar-Code in SSRS report.

In SSRS temporary table, Bar-Code filed should be extended with BarCodeString EDT.

Use font >BC C128 Narrow

Field in SSRS should be well space otherwise bar-code scan will not work

Using following code you can generate bar-code of any value...

Example: xyzTableBuffer.BarCodeField= this.getBarcode("123456789")

publicstr getBarcode(str _barCodeText)
BarcodeCode128 barcode;

barcode = Barcode::construct(BarcodeType::Code128);
barcode.string(true, _barCodeText);

return barcode.barcodeStr();

UAT Deployment

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Источник: http://d365technext.blogspot.com/201...rt-d365fo.html
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