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msdn.microsoft.com/nav: Automating complex tax scenarios with enhanced Tax Calculation capabilities
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Financial management is in the midst of a transformative moment. The global operating environment of business today is increasingly complex and prone to turbulence from numerous sources. New business models are disrupting the status quo and challenging the idea of how products and services are delivered and experienced. Finance leaders are assuming greater responsibilities in their organizations and often doing so with smaller team footprints than would have been imaginable a decade ago. Staying on top of local laws and regulations in several countries is resource-intensive and challenging. Not only do individual countries and regions have their own regulations, but these rules are continuously changing, making compliance a perpetual task that requires close attention. Technology-enabled digital transformation is at the forefront of the tools available to finance leaders who must do more with less. This blog focuses on how Microsoft's enhanced Tax Calculation capabilities help automate complex tax scenarios and deliver more scalable and easy-to-adopt tax solutions to our customers.

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Источник: https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/dyn...-capabilities/
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