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Старый 14.01.2009, 15:28   #1  
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“The software challenges that lie ahead are less about getting access to the information people need and more about making sense of the information they have.” - Bill Gates

From this premise, the Microsoft “roles-based” focus came into being. By bringing together the two distinct worlds of personal productivity software (Microsoft Office), and business process automation software (Microsoft Dynamics), Microsoft dedicated itself to creating integrated and flexible business management solutions that allow people to make business decisions with far greater confidence and speed than ever before.

To bring this vision to life, roles-based user interfaces (UIs) have now become the standard across the entire Microsoft Dynamics suite. Already present in Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics AX, they are integrated into the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics NAV release. For those who adopt these integrated Microsoft solutions, their working environment will remain constant and familiar, with exactly the information they need to best perform their job, no matter what application they might be using.


Roles-based UIs, the .NET development platform, and three-tier architecture enable a world of possibilities for increased business productivity. The demands on developers for continual learning and skill development may be high, but so are the potential rewards and opportunities for building exciting new solutions.

We urge you to take full advantage of this potential, to upgrade your skills and competency on this platform, and to ride this wave well into the future.

Happy programming. (требуется партнерский логин)
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