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ukax: Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step 2012 has landed

We are excited to announce the availability of Sure Step 2012! The primary focus is guidance for the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 release and new content for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 On-premises and Online.
You will also find a distinct realignment of content in Sure Step 2012 in the following areas:

Solution Envisioning:
  • A more prominent focus on the Solution Overviewsection describing:
    • Microsoft Dynamics solution
    • Industry-Vertical solutions guidance for Manufacturing, Public Sector, Retail, and Services Sector
    • Cross Industry-Horizontal solutions guidance for Customer Care and Extended CRM
  • Updated Decision Accelerator offerings content for AX 2012, including Role-Tailored Questionnaires, Fit Gap Spreadsheets, Estimator Tool, and Upgrade Assessments.
  • Updated CRM content, including Sizing Tools for CRM 2011 On-premises and Online, and Upgrade Assessment Delivery Guide and Design Considerations.
  • NEW! Accelerated Proof of Concept with CRM Online – use this service to gain quick buy-in from your customers.
Solution Implementation & Upgrade:
  • Scalable waterfall and iterative approaches to implementing and upgrading Microsoft Dynamics solutions.
  • Updated Implementation artifacts for AX 2012, including updated Configuration Settings, Security Role Definitions, select Process Maps, Testing Guidance, and Environment Specifications.
  • Updated AX 2012 Upgrade templates and guidance, including Project Plan/WBS, Application Modules configuration, Custom Workflow and Reporting Requirements, Testing
    Plans, and Environment Specifications.
Solution Optimization:
  • Realigned Optimization Offering roadmaps that map more closely to service offerings by product line.
  • NEW! Roadmaps for AX 2012, CRM 2011, GP 2010, NAV 2009 and SL 2011, to help drive greater quality in solution delivery with proactive and post go-live services.
How can you access Sure Step 2012?
  • Online Version: Access all new content by leveraging Sure Step Online (Note: PartnerSource access is required; go to the following link to request access to PartnerSource)
  • Client Version: Download the client (335mb) and take advantage of the ability to create and manage projects in SharePoint 2010 or locally.
    • Partners: Partners can download the latest release from this link on PartnerSource.
    • Customers: Customers can download the latest release from this link on CustomerSource.

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