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vanvugt: NAV2018: Fields That Have Been Stretched

The other day I had to update the objects I use in my training, from 2017 and 2018. Not a lot altogether, thus easy to do this manually and have a look at the changes.

I was glad to have to do this as it showed that a number of fields have been stretched. Fields we typically use in our solution, be it the standard fields themselves or clones of them on our own objects.

So next to the code merge from 2016 to 2018 we were starting on, we were to update our code according to these findings.

You might recall my post on similar changes in NAV 2013, coming from NAV 2009 R2, showing over 450 fields that had been stretched. This time it seems to even be a bigger operation. The current status of my research show me over 800 fields that have been stretched. Mainly code fields stretched from 10 to 20. The following gives a consolidated overview of what I could categorize some way.

Type of Field

Lenght Change

# of Changes

Bank Account Code

10 -> 20


Business Unit Code

10 -> 20


No. Series Code

10 -> 20


Posting Group Code

10 -> 20


Salesperson/Purchaser Code

10 -> 20


Tax Group Code

10 -> 20


VAT Clause Code

10 -> 20


VAT Identifier

10 -> 20


Vendor ... No.

20 -> 35


Note that the Type of Field column contains either the exact field name (e.g. Bank Account Code)or a kind of consolidated name (e.g. Posting Group Code as there are various fields with different names that refer to a posting group). For the complete overview and details download this Excel file. You will find on the fields tab some 44 more stretched fields that I didn't categorize yet.

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